About Youth Initiative

Executive Summary

Africa is poised to be home to a new generation of talent, with a rapidly growing young population & economy. The young generation of project managers in Africa plays a critical role in transforming the continent – ready to tackle a new generation of projects.

Large-scale projects can ensure long-term growth, but they also require sophisticated project management skill sets. Young project managers need education & training to lead Africa’s development efforts.
PMI stands ready to support as the ultimate resource in skills, training and certifications to enable change makers.

As a result, we have designed the Youthquake Programme with the aim of educating, exposing & providing a worthwhile experience.


Develop a regional integrated youth programme that attracts & inspires young professionals to realize their potential and their ability to make an impact & transform lives through project management. The programme will involve a dedicated youth track and a competition.
The youthquake programme is targeting young professional that:

  • Age 18-35
  • New & entry level
  • Aim to develop PM knowledge
  • Desire to grow in the profession &/or career

The fundamentals of the Youthquake tracks will address key interests, pain points in order to validate the selected topics/areas. They will also tie into our talent triangle in order to ensure personal development & exposure of key skills that are in demand.

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