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Africa Conference 2021 | Call for Paper

Call for Paper is now Open!

We have now begun accepting proposals to speak at the conference. Submissions will only be accepted through this link.

Deadline to Submit: 09 May 2021, 23:59hrs (GMT+2)*

Theme Description

 Africa: An Ecosystem of Changemakers

African ecosystems are constantly experiencing a myriad of positive disruptions and, now, perhaps more than ever before, sustained quantum leaps require managing transformations to ensure effectiveness. As the rest of the world looks forward to re-emerging economically, socially, financially and politically from the inevitable changes and challenges arising from the global pandemic, the innovative deployment and adoption of sound project management principles for initiating and driving project delivery is crucial to the resilience and transformation of ecosystems on the continent.

The effectiveness of changemakers and stakeholders in tackling the challenges of food insecurity, education, portable water, maternal mortality, sustainable housing, insecurity, and social and economic inequality hinges on adoption of data-driven decision-making, artificial intelligence and machine learning in private and public sectors to leverage the advantages and accelerate the growth and competitiveness of the several actors and key players in Africa’s ecosystems.

As Africa’s future growth continues to attract investment in Africa, industrial and social transformations driven by changemakers must be effectively initiated and managed to maximize their social impact and drive real economic recovery. Africa has an exciting opportunity to exploit the vibrancy of its relatively young population to create a critical group of change agents that are equipped to exploit information technology and take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution by launching and adopting projects that apply data analytics to create an ecosystem of rapid economic recovery. Leveraging information technology, agriculture, and entrepreneurship, will enhance Africa’s  pace of  growth, by continually initiating and driving solutions that taps into its youthful population, enhances youth employment, protects the middle class, minimizes economic exclusion and has significant and sustained social impact.

The 2021 Virtual Africa Conference hopes to attract small-scale and large-scale project case studies from entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and key players in private and public sectors who have initiated and/or exploited planned/unplanned disruptions to optimize expected outcomes. By showcasing the deployment of effective project management  principles for driving policy changes, eliminating waste, reducing cost, maximizing quality, and optimizing speed and quality  of project delivery and execution, the conference intends to inspire conversations, interactions and engagements in African ecosystems and showcase the business value of successful deployment of project management in building strong institutions in government, minimizing bureaucracy, fighting corruption, reducing poverty, enhancing social inclusion and overall economic recovery on the continent.

Submission Topics

  1. Exploiting information technology to control maternal mortality, a project management approach
  2. Methods of adapting Project Management best practice in the context of Africa work culture
  3. Exploiting standalone Solar Microgrids for IT inclusiveness, a case study of project delivery for rural Africa
  4. The impact of lack of ICT in Project management performance
  5. The impact of energy in Project management performance in Africa
  6. The role of Africa Project Managers in political election and democratization
  7. Effectiveness of Training and skill development towards Project Management theories
  8. Project Management adaption in the Context of African culture
  9. Capitalizing on the shift of the global economy towards emerging and developing markets
  10. How global exposure impacts the change mindset
  11. Effective cost control and project performance benchmarking for construction projects in Nigeria, a case study of effective project delivery
  12. The Construction Sector as an agent of change in the African ecosystem
  13. African diversity and its impact on the ecosystem
  14. Developing & Sustaining the change mentality
  15. A project management approach to vaccine delivery and distribution in rural Africa
  16. Waste management as a tool to youth employment, a case study of policy drivers
  17. Global Megatrends as Change triggers in Africa
  18. The fourth industrial revolution: an African perspective
  19. Agile transformation for African projects
  20. Exploiting information technology as a tool for rural microfinance solutions
  21. Access to internet: how it impacts access to education
  22. Industrialization in Africa: a springboard into the global economy
  23. The impact of current government (policies) on African ecosystem
  24. The role of Africa Project Managers in development
  25. Leadership styles to adapt with changes
  26. Project Practice in Africa
  27. The role of Technology as a change agent
  28. Changemakers and Value delivery partnerships

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