The theme of the conference is:
The Africa We Want: Together We Can

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The continent Africa is rich in natural resources, cultural diversity and immense potential for growth and development. Although significant strides have been made in achieving sustainable development goals, the region’s progress in economic growth and development has been hampered by inequality, political instability, inadequate policies, governance, and limited job opportunities. Africa continues to work to build a prosperous continent based on inclusive growth, sustainable development, managing resources, and good governance.

This year’s PMI Africa Conference themed “The Africa We Want: Together We Can” presents a unique opportunity to explore how project management practices can help shape the future of Africa. By bringing together experts from various industries, the conference aims to create a more resilient and prosperous Africa that helps all its people and the world at large. The forum will supply insights and solutions to the challenges the continent faces and promote sustainable and innovative project management practices to ensure successful outcomes.

Together, we can build the Africa we want!

Conference Objectives

This year’s event will bring together a diverse group of international experts in projects, programs, and portfolio management to discuss topics related to advancing the African continent. The conference will explore best practices and strategies that have made a real difference in shaping the future of Africa. The forum aims to highlight how sustainable and innovative project management practices can help address the challenges the continent faces and ensure successful outcomes.

Create change. Inspire tomorrow.

Conference Topics

The conference will cover a broad range of topics highlighting the importance of project management in promoting sustainable development and well-being in African communities. Some of the key areas of focus include:

  1. Leveraging game-changing technologies and solutions in the way businesses, the economy, environment, and governments are run.
  2. Promoting sustainable and innovative project management practices to ensure successful development outcomes.
  3. Exploring the role of project management in driving economic growth and development.
  4. Discussing initiatives and policies that support addressing challenges the continent faces, in addition to solutions, as we build the Africa we want, together we can.

Highlighting the best practices and strategies that are a real difference in shaping the future of Africa

Call for Submissions 

  1. Business Acumen

We invite papers that explore the importance of business acumen in project management, with a particular focus on topics that align with the PMI Talent Triangle’ “Business Acumen” category. Topics to include Poverty Eradication, Community Development and Well-being, Strategic Business Transformation, Transforming Africa’s Economies (through – but not limited to – Agricultural Productivity, Education, Water, Sanitation & Waste Management, Health & Nutrition. Inclusive growth through Sustainable Development (including areas of focus on but not limited to Renewable Energy, Economic Diversification, Biodiversity), World-class Infrastructure Development, Capacity Development Partnership, Technology and Innovation, Industrialization and Trade Facilitation, Natural Resources Management, Addressing Sustainability and Climate Change, Political Instabilities and Peacekeeping, Regulatory Frameworks and Governance, and Cultural Identity and Diversity.

  1. Ways of Working

We invite papers that explore diverse ways of working in project management with a particular focus that aligns with the “Ways of Working” category. Topics may include, but are not limited to, Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, Youth & Gender Empowerment, Tackling Project Governance, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Projects, Organization Agility/Agile & Hybrid Mindsets, Embracing Change Management, Risk Management, Professional Ethics, Valuing Collaboration, Resource Mobilization, Stakeholder Engagement, Leveraging PMO’s & VMO’s Big Data & Cybersecurity, Virtual Teams & Remote/Hybrid Working, Green Project Management, Design Thinking and Citizen Development.

  1. Power Skills

We invite papers that examine the importance of power skills in project management, with a particular focus on topics that align with the “Power Skills” categories of the PMI Talent Triangle. Topics may include, but not limited to, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Leadership Styles, Psychological Safety in Workplaces & Mental Health Awareness, Communication Skills, Influencing Capacity, Coaching & Mentoring, Interpersonal Skills, and Problem-solving.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Papers should be between 200 and 250 words in length.
  • Papers should be written in English or French.
  • Papers should be in MS Office Word format.
  • Papers must not have been previously published.
  • Papers must be free of commercial sales content.
  • Papers should focus on the title and supply new contributions to the topic.
  • Call for Paper opening 26th March.
  • Deadline for submission 16th April.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent on 5th May.


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