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Passports & Visas | PMI Africa Conference 2016

Passports & Visas

Passports & Visas

Valid passport or travel document

Citizens from any of the ECOWAS countries only need a valid national identity document or passport. Document must be valid for the entirety of the projected stay. Citizens from all other countries are required to have a valid visa.

Valid visa

The maximum stay in Ghana is 90 days. Required of nationals of countries included on the list of countries whose nationals must be in possession of a visa when crossing the ECOWAS' external borders, unless they are in possession of a valid residence permit or a valid long-term visa issued by another Member State.

Being in possession of documents that justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, and having sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay in Ghana.

Any of the following documents may be required:

  1. Invitation from a company or from an authority to participate in meetings, conferences, etc., either commercial, business, etc.
  2. Document proving the existence of commercial or business relations, etc.
  3. Access cards to trade fairs, congresses, conferences, etc.
  4. Invitations, entrance cards, bookings or programmes indicating, as far as possible, the name of the hosting organization and the duration of the stay, or any other document indicating the purpose of the visit.

Exceptionally, submission of medical certificates required by the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, or pursuant to ECOWAS legislation. The need to submit these certificates shall be made known, as far as possible, sufficiently in advance.

Additional information for foreigners can be found at:

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