Valarie Waswa

Valarie Waswa
17 August 2023

Valarie Waswa, a Kenyan lawyer and advocate for youth and women, is a dynamic changemaker
and global speaker. For over 3 years, she has actively supported various organizations and
initiatives dedicated to uplifting women and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.
At the heart of her efforts is the Village Pillars Empowerment Project, an initiative she leads.
This project empowers adolescent girls and young women in Kakamega County by imparting
digital skills. By enhancing their abilities, Valarie aims to encourage these women to pursue
better-paying job and entrepreneurial opportunities in the digital marketplace, ultimately
combating the prevalent poverty and unemployment rates they face. She has worked with
organizations such as Africa Network of Youth Policy Experts as Head of Directorate, where she
has spearheaded programs that have advanced youth development in Africa through policy
research and policy recommendation.
Valarie is also a Social Development Consultant, providing essential services that empower
organizations, governments, and institutions. She helps them effectively manage their projects
by incorporating youth involvement, establishing partnerships, practicing strategic
management, and fostering social entrepreneurship.
Valarie, who is also a Generation Connect Youth Envoy at the International Telecommunication
Union (ITU), adds her voice as a young person to ITU’s various projects and activities that seek
to advance digital development. Having shared her insights at national, regional, and
international forums, Valarie has become a recognized voice in critical discussions. She
addresses topics such as The Role of Young People in Advancing Digital Development, The Need
to Engage Young People in Decision Making, and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on African
Youth. She has also spoken on the Role of Young Law Students in ending Gender-Based Violence
in Universities.
With a clear mission, Valarie is committed to amplifying her voice, skills, and passion to drive
socio-economic development in low-income countries and communities.