Clotilde Eteme

Clotilde Eteme
02 August 2023

My project manager career started in 2002. To properly manage large and complex projects, I told myself I needed a PMP certification, which I will get in 2013. I will then started looking for even bigger challenges. Thanks to the PMP, I had the opportunity to work on various types of projects: IT, Archiving, Construction, Payroll, Finance, Insurance.

Later, I realized that project is at the heart of the organization’s performance and production. That’s why I started working on project governance on topic like creation, maturation, management or outsourcing of PMOs.

In 2018, I created my company “The V-PMO” ( which stands for The Virtual Project Management Office which activities are: Pre-project work, Project Management and Training. Our trainings target educated people but also rural people who are in disadvantaged areas.

I’m also committed as volunteer with organizations which work on project management like PMI that I’m serving since 2015